I have made some videos for the latest project: Trilo-Tracker. It is a tracker for the PSG+SCC sound chip.


This video is a presentation of the project we started some years ago. It has evolved in many ways en will evolve even more. It started as an MSX1 project but it has been decided to move to MSX2 (mostly due to the incompatibility of with some MSX1 models (VDP) and the sprite limitations (single color).


As shown in the presentation the game is placed in Ethiopia in the year 1925. The levels of the game are inspired by actual areas around Arba Minch. Actual documentation, images and a dose of imagination are used to create the design of the game.

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We are still working at full speed on Core Crisis. It will be a close call to finish it before the MSXdev deadline ends (end of January).

This video demonstrates the current status of the Core Crisis project.

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